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KEY TO A HEALTHY EATINGBMV ( Balance , Moderation & Variety )  


A healthy diet helps to maintain body health and also to lower risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. The three importance keys to healthy eating are: BALANCE, MODERATION and VARIETY, based on Malaysian Food Pyramid.

a)      BALANCE: Include all the food groups from the food pyramid in our daily meals as each food group provides us different nutrients required.

b)      MODERATION: Watch out the serving size from each food groups in food pyramid. Consume more of the food at the bottom of food pyramid and less for the food at the top. There is no good or bad food. Do not need to eliminate our favourite foods such as burger, soft drinks, roti canai, nasi lemak at all. We may enjoy them by limiting the amount taken.

c)       VARIETY: No single food provides all the nutrients needs. Choose different foods choice from each of the food groups. Eg:  Do not eat apple as sole fruit choice everyday, but consume variety colour of fruits such as banana, kiwi, watermelon etc.

Guest Columnist
Lai Huey Qin
B. Sc Dietetics, UPM



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