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Eating Out

With the busier lifestyle and increased number of woman working outside, eating out becomes a trend and expected to continue. It gives a challenge to us as foods served tend to be high in calorie, fat, sodium, and sugar or larger in portion.  The food choices we make can give a great impact to health in a long run.

Use the tips below to help in selecting healthier food choices:

  • Identify restaurants which offer healthier menu options. Do not stick to only one restaurant.
  • Learn and identify menu term, knowing them makes ordering easier.  Ask about the ingredients and cooking method if the description is unclear or food is unfamiliar.
    • Fewer calories & less fat :
      •  baked, braised, broiled, grilled, roasted, steamed, stir-fried
      •  Japanese menu: nimono(simmered), yaki (broiled), yaki-mono(grilled)
  • More calories & fat
    •  Lemak, Char, Au gratin, breaded, pastry, creamy, buttery, deep-dried, with mayonnaise, with cream sauce, batter fried, crispy
  • More sodium
    • teriyaki, smoked, barbecued , pickled , with soy sauce
    • Balance a high calorie main dish with a lower calorie side dish or dessert.
    • Refer to the nutrition or calorie information for menu if available. Compare the food before make order.
    • Request to change menu if possible. Eg: switch the French fries with baked potato or ask for extra vegetable or avoid MSG in cooking.
    • Do not go for large or extra-large portion, always order small or medium serve.

 Below are examples of healthier food choices when eating out:



Guest Columnist
Lai Huey Qin
B. Sc Dietetics, UPM



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