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Healthy Home Cooking

Although there are healthier choices when eating out, limit dining out to twice a week only. It is always healthier to enjoy the meal served at home because you are in control of the ingredients, nutrient quality, calorie content, cooking method, flavour and portion size.

These are the summary of some of the healthier cooking tips:



Do you know that …?

  • Chillies taste “hot” because they contain capsaicin that stimulates the pain receptor in your mouth.  If you want to reduce the “heating effect”, remove the seeds and inner membrane of hot chillies. However, if you have eaten and have a “burned” throat and mouth, try to have some dairy foods. Casein, the main protein in milk washes away the capsaicin.
  • Sometimes cooking enhances absorption of certain nutrients. E.g.: the phytonutrients in the tomato, namely lycopene, is absorbed better in body if tomato is cooked or processed.

Guest Columnist
Lai Huey Qin
B. Sc Dietetics, UPM


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