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Healthy Lifestyle: BE ALIVE, BE ACTIVE! Make exercise your routine

Besides healthy eating, healthy lifestyle also plays important role to ensure a healthy body.

There are many different designation of the word exercise but all involve making an effort for the sake of training or improvement. Physical exercise involves using our muscle to improve the way our bodies work. Together with balance diet, regular exercise increase physical fitness, improves health and even lifts a person’s spirit.

Being active may not only bring the feeling of freshness and wholesomeness for your physical but also for the inner part of you – the soul and the emotion.

Regular Exercises
Adult should spend at least 30 minute to 1 hour of moderate physical activity each day. Children must be encouraged to be active or participate in sports club or classes like martial arts, swimming or gymnastic.


Calories burned: Skating is great cardio, and a fantastic way to work the legs. An average person will burn about 300 to 500 calories for an hour in the rink! (And if you’re not a good skater, have no fear. You’ll burn extra calories laughing when you take a tumble!)

Opportunity for exercise
We don’t necessarily need a gym clothes to start exercising. We seriously don’t need it. Throughout the day, there are many ways of moving our bodies –Taking stairs instead of using a lift and walking up an escalator, move around in the office to send messages are examples of the tiny steps which could have a huge impact on a person’s health. At home while watching television, you can do a few exercises during commercials like lifting a 1 kg dumbbell. When organizing a family day includes sports activity as part of the itinerary; a tug of war can be so much fun. Instead of window shopping or a movie marathon during the weekend, go vigorous!. Try something energetic yet entertaining like bowling, ice skating, arching, paintball or water sport like water orbing. – see, it’s amazing how many exercises a person can squeeze in!

water orbing. Now you can even run on a lake surface!!


The miracle of exercise:

UCLH/UCL Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, UK describe exercise as “the wonder drug” or ‘magic pill’ which, if used in the right measures can:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 per cent
  • Lower the risk of stroke by 27 per cent
  • Reduce the incidence of diabetes by almost half
  • Reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer by almost half
  • Lower the risk of colon cancer by over 60 per cent
  • Decrease depression as effectively as Prozac

Exercise is way too good for the health. But for so many reason something refrain us from engaging it as a routine; well most of time it is just a silly excuse. Physical exercise improves our fitness, increasing our stamina, flexibility and strength. Being fit makes the body better able to fight disease and improves our quality of life well into old age. So, let’s make your life lively, make your life active!

paintball is an activity that gets the heart pumping. Run, jump and dodge your way to competitive fun!


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