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Top chronic diseases and killer in Malaysia – Part 1

What you eat and how you practice your lifestyle will affect your health in the future, as mentioned in the previous write up. If you insist to adopt unhealthy eating pattern and lifestyle, you are actually adding risk of getting chronic diseases or also called as non-communicable diseases.

According to Statistics on Causes of Death that prepared based on death records from National Registration Department, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer, respiratory diseases and chronic kidney disease are among the top chronic diseases that cause death in Malaysia.




Today let’s have a brief idea and understanding on three of these diseases that attack Malaysian.


A) Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

  • It is the leading cause of death for both men and women in Malaysia.
  • It happens when the blood vessels that carries blood to the heart becomes narrow due to the buildup of plaque. Plaque is the deposit of cholesterol that accumulate in
  • High blood cholesterol level, high blood pressure, family history, sedentary lifestyle, gender, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and diabetes are the risk factors for CHD.

B) Stroke

  • It happens when the blood vessel that carries the oxygen to a part of the brain is blocked by clot or the blood vessel rupture. This may cause death or permanent disability if the brain cells die. For brain cells that don’t die but injured, as the repair takes place over time together with rehabilitation, the body functions improve.
  •  The effect of the stroke depends on the site or location affected. If stroke occurs at left brain, the right side of the body is affected, such as paralysis on left part of body and speech problem. While if stroke happens at right brain, the left side of the body is affected and may have vision problem too.

C) Diabetes Mellitus

  • A medical condition that blood sugar level elevated due to no production of insulin by the body or insulin doesn’t work well to convert the sugar into energy. If not managed well and over a long time, it can cause damage to kidney, eyes, nerves, and heart.


In the next write up , we will discuss on cancer, chronic respiratory disease and chronic kidney disease.

Guest Columnist
Lai Huey Qin
B. Sc Dietetics, UPM


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