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Top chronic diseases and killer in Malaysia – Part 2



Back then, cancer are hardly heard, whether it is due to undiagnosed case or it’s naturally a rare disease at that time. Today, cancer seems to be heard, read and seen almost every second. It affects people from every walk of life. It’s dreadful, it’s fearful, it’s just there. A total of 18,219 new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2007 in Malaysia and registered at the National Cancer Registry. It comprises of 8,123 (44.6%) males and 10,096 (55.4%) females.


The most frequent cancer in Malaysia was:
• breast cancer (18.1%)
• colorectal cancer (12.3%)
• lung cancer (10.2%)

Knowledge followed by action
Thanks to the rapid evolving of medical publication, whether it is mass media or electronic, public these days, knows about cancer as much as the doctors do. However being knowledgeable only, is not enough!

The success we can have in the fight against cancer hinges on two things that are within our power:
1. Increasing our understanding of the causes of cancer and cancer risk factors.
2. Being willing to act upon that information to allow early detection of cancer and to implement lifestyle changes that reduces cancer chances.

So, the simplest changes you can make!

  • Don’t smoke or stop smoking!
  • Watch the diet.Eat your fruits and vegetable. Fruits and vegetables are nice and scrumptious.
  • Stay at normal BMI. Overweight or obese put you in a risk of cancer.
  • Be active and exercise regularly. Physical activity reduces production of tumor-promoting prostaglandins and boost body natural defense against cancer.
  • Practice safe sex. Associate with sexual related cancer disease such as cervical cancer.
  • Limit consumption of alcohol or fancy beverages with coloring/additive/sugar etc. Greens drink, tea , coffee or juices are better option. Of course plain water is superior! The simplest the best!
  • Know how to distress the pressure of life. Take a moment of break and rest! Meditation according to respective religion is also proved to be relaxing.



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