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Top chronic diseases and killer in Malaysia – Part 3

Kidney disease  – how lifestyle and nutrition help 


Your kidneys aren’t very big—each is about the size of your fist—but they do important work. Their main job is to filter your blood. When blood passes through the kidney, required nutrient by the body will be taken up, while toxic wastes will be flushed away as urine. Your kidneys also produce several hormones. These hormones help to control your blood pressure, make red blood cells and activate vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong.

Unfortunately, if your kidneys start to malfunction, you might not realize it for a long while. Kidney disease usually doesn’t make you feel sick until the problem becomes serious and irreversible.

Chronic kidney disease can strike people of any race, but African Americans are especially at risk. People with diabetes and high blood pressure ought to be alert as these the 2 conditions are the leading cause of kidney disease. Other risk factors include heart disease and a family history of kidney failure-a severe form of kidney disease

You can take many steps to avoid or delay reaching the point of kidney failure. The best thing you can do is control your blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and a heart-healthy diet, can help to normalize blood pressure and also slow kidney disease.

Some key tips how to protect your kidney 

  1. Avoid salty food including process food that been load up with sodium preservative. Too much of sodium increase your blood pressure. Your aim is to maintain your blood pressure in normal range.
  2. Eat appropriate amount of protein. High protein diet might burden the kidney to excrete waste product from protein metabolism.
  3. Exercise can help you in a variety of ways. If you are overweight and your doctor would like you to lose those extra pounds, exercise is a great way to burn fat. Exercise can also help condition of one of the most important muscles in your body, the heart.
  4. Avoid unnecessary drugs as we don’t want kidney to work extra hard to filter these harmful chemical. Misuse of laxative, diet pills, pain relievers or amphetamine shall be look carefully.
  5. Alcohol and cigarette shall be avoided.
  6. Regular check up with your doctor if you are at risk of kidney disease.
  7. If you are a diabetic, good blood glucose control delayed kidney malfunction

Don’t wait to take the first step to keep your kidneys healthy. Talk to your health care provider about your kidneys, and ask if you should be tested for kidney disease.


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